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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Griffin has been doing absolutely phenomenal. He has been writing his alphabet and numbers on his Doodle Pro. With all the practice that he has had in the past week Griffin has mastered writing his numbers and letters. The only part that is not correct about what he is doing is that he is still not holding the writing utensil properly, he is using a fisted grasp instead of the tripod grasp. However, the outcome is still correct with all his letters and numbers written ledgibly.
Tonight he has lots of energy and is running around talking (mostly unintelligible) and singing while watching Zoboomafoo. It seems as though he knows exactly what he is saying and says it with conviction. It's really quite entertaining to watch him while he plays pretend with his little Sesame Street characters in his little hands. He has been pretending to feed them, give them a drink, and make them fly through the air. I only wish that I could understand what he is saying and look forward to the day in which I can. Oh, and by the way Eileen, my favorite flower is the daisy too. I will be using images of daisies on the blog when I don't have a current picture of Griffin or just for fun. Hey everyone, have a great day and "stay tuned" because soon there will be a new post , a letter, from someone very special in Griffin's life.


KCsMom said...

Hey Griffin you are a smart little boy writing your letters and numbers all by yourself! You are one terrific 4 year old boy! I love reading your Mom's blog about you because you are getting along so well and your Mom help's you every step of the way! She loves you ever so much. I can't wait to see what you learn next:) You are amazing!

Wendy said...

I love to read great, exciting news like this! I know a few NT five year olds who can't write their numbers and letters! Keep up the good work Griffin!