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Friday, March 24, 2006

Speech and the Giggles

Griffin had a case of the giggles today during speech with Lisa. She was asking him, "What comes next?" and showing him a series of 3 cards that are meant to go in a certain order. I guess that he either found it to be too difficult or lost interest because he just kept giggling and being silly. That is until she brought out the numbers puzzle and used it as a reward and boy did he pay attention then. He all of a sudden became much more focused and started to work with her on what she asked of him. Lisa is just an amazing SLP and knows exactly how to get Griffin to respond and when he needs a break. I am so very grateful that we have her on board. Thank you Lisa, your the best! I think that part of the reason that Griffin had some difficulty in focusing is because he had some tummy problems for the past 2 days and couldn't keep any food in him. It must have been some kind of stomach virus because we have been going through some diapers! We were invited by Kathleen to her church to go and listen to a symphony orchestra and it was wonderful. Griffin tolerated it for about an hour and then began to scream and cry so we left, it was his bedtime anyhow. Gave him a bath and then he zonked out. I have been trying to prepare for this trip and am still wondering how I am going to keep him happy on the airplane during the day. I could use some helpful suggestions from anyone who has traveled by plane with a young child who doesn't want to sit still.I bought him a portable DVD player and he has his V-Smile too but heck, those will only last so long and he's going to get bored with them. I am considering giving him a quarter of a tablet of Dramamine to keep him calm. I am not fond of drugging my child but I think that it would help him to be able to sit still for the very very long flight home. I had asked to get a red-eye flight in both directions but the travel agent only gave me one and couldn't arrange the other. So, the flight out of Alaska to Atlanta won't be a problem because we will both be sleeping. I just got a shirt from Cafe' Press that reads: Proud Mom of Someone with Autism. I am going to wear it on the plane so that everyone knows that I am with a very special little guy and I am proud of him regardless of what they may think. That is if he is screaming and crying on the plane and I am not able to get him calmed down. We are also going to take Griffin's service dog, Abby on board with us. I am hoping that her presence will make a difference as it always has in every other situation. Please, if you have any suggestions/comments about what to do on the flight home for about 10 hours, I would love to know what you think.


Mr Ornery said...

I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions there, but I will make one observation. I feel you are in a much stronger position to deal with whatever comes than you would have been even three short months ago. Besides, he's going to have his number one and only Mom with him. With you by his side, he's likely to find the experience fascinating - or it will prove so boring he'll sleep most of the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Liz here from I Speak of Dreams. Talk to your pediatrician about the dramamine dosage and timing. I used to give it to my neurotypical kids faced with a long flight. Also practice using earplugs before you get on the plane -- I have a friend on the spectrum and she ALWAYS uses earplugs in noisy situations. You may also wish to talk to the flight attendants in the boarding process -- you will pre-board cause you have a small child, and take the opportunity to alert them that he has behavioral issues and you will be grateful for their help and support.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh good luck! I'm sure some of the other mommies will have wonderful suggestions for you.. we don't travel much so I'm no help.

What a great helper Lisa is! I sure wish some of Sarah's teachers knew to when to switch gears with her to calm her down.

Hugs to you and your Sonshine!

JodiTucker said...

Hi Lora
Can't help with any flight suggestions for Griffin beyond what you have already mentioned.
I do think that wearing the specific T-shirt about Proud Mom....will help. In my MUCH earlier years (as a teen or 20-ish), I would have had the misguided impression that if a kid "acted up" a parent was to blame for that behaviour. Of course, that's before I became a mum (of three allegedly normal, now grown, kids) and a music teacher of many kids with all sorts of issues and diagnoses. I think your shirt may help those folks who are as clueless and uncompassionate (is that a word?) as I was and never wish to return to being again. My faith in Christ has also made a difference in how I view all people. Hope the flight goes well for your sake and Griffin's and all on board! Thanks for visiting my new blog, too!

not my blg said...

I don't have any suggestions because I just cannot fathom having my son on a short flight, let alone Alaska to Atlanta. I would have a hard time coping on a flight that long. Good luck and please let us know how it went when you come back.

Rebekah Christine said...


I don't know if my suggestions will help or not, but here goes.

Take off and landing are difficult on ears and anxiety, so a little Benadryl to help make him drowsy might help. Check with his pediatrician who may have some other ideas, too. If not, have something for him to eat or drink to keep him swallowing to help with the ear popping.

Have plenty of snack foods (including drinks) and a variety of toys to play with, including a few new ones (that he hasn't seen before) and books to read to keep him entertained. Try not to pull everything out at once. Keep some for several hours into the trip, so he will have something different.

Do the best you can for him - focus on him and don't fret about what others think or say. If you are obviously "trying" to help him and he acts up anyway, reasonable people will feel for you and not look down on you. Let any negative comments just roll off of you. Do not let them affect you. Do your best to make Griffin comfortable, content and happy.

Take care Lora - we read your blog often and think of you regularly.

Rebekah's Mommy