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Friday, March 10, 2006

When We Get to Meet Our Grandson

This is a letter from my mom:

How do you begin to express how much you love a little sunshine that only comes in your life by the new technology of a web cam and words. But this little man came into our life 4 yrs ago and it has been a joy to watch each new thing he takes delight in achieving. We have never seen Griffin except by photos and the computer cam but I am thankful for each day we get to enjoy seeing him. His joys of the videos he enjoys dancing to and the singing with his own words that maybe sometimes only he enjoys. And once in awhile he will say "I love you nana" on the phone or "I love you papa". Of course he doesn't know us but I do hope that will change soon and he will really get to know and love us in person and hopefully remember that he is so very special to us. When that time comes I will be able to explain to him what a wonderful mother he has she has devoted her life to her little special "sonshine". She has been in Alaska for 15 yrs. And the last time we saw her was when she was expecting her little miracle. Of course she had no idea how her life would be blessed when she left here with her eyes full of tears as well as mine. But I knew god was going to bless her beyond her wildest dreams. I have told her for 4 yrs that that Griffin gives her the special and she gives him the needs. So therefore that is the way we look at our very special needs grandson. His life is happy and there is only two things that could work this miracle and that is god that gave him to our daughter and only he knew exactly which mom to bless, one that he gave hardness that allows her to keep going when every one else gives up, he gave her sensitivity to love him under any and all circumstances, and most of all he gave her tears that she can shed anytime she needs to whether happy or sad Griffin will always notice it's because she loves him so very much. And the second thing that makes this little man so happy is that he truly knows his mother will always be there. Hopefully the day we meet him will be soon and a very anxious one for us all. With all our love to you Griffin and of course Lora whom we also miss very much. We will have a lot of catching up to do, hopefully some long talks and some walks to the lake. The older you get the more you realize how little time you really have to squeeze in all those lost conversations and the family times . Our love unconditional, mom.


Peggy Lou Morgan said...


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

OMG that made me cry... your parents are PHENOMENAL. I confess, my mom and dad have only met Chloe a handful of times and they only live 4.5 hours away. You are truly truly blessed.


Debby said...

That was absolutely beautiful. Being a grandmother myself to five gorgeous children, including one spectacular five-year-old who is autistic, I hope your mother gets to meet Griffin in person very very soon.

KCsMom said...

Hi Griffin's Grandma!

It is so nice to "meet" you! Your words touched my heart and I definitely had some tears as well. Your daughter is a wonderful friend and such a caring person! She has helped me through some tough times and I am truly grateful to have her for a friend. You raised one special girl and for that I want to say, "thank you":)
Griffin gives me so much hope for my son, I see how much he has progressed and what an amazing little guy he is!
Thank God for technology! I love that you get to see the little guy via web cam:)
Thank you for sharing with us, Lora has told me how special you are to her and Griffin, your letter is beautiful as Peggy Lou has said.

Tina and Boys

Angela said...

I'm crying too. That was really sweet Lora, and I'm glad you shared it with us.

My mom moved half way across the country, almost five years ago now. She's missing alot of my kids' growing up stuff but the love is undeniable and still so strong. Thanks for helping me to remember that.

Felicity said...

very very sweet. You (Lora) have a lot of love around you & you are very blessed, as is your Mom and your Dad and your son and everyone else the two of you touch.

Amara said...

I am so touched. I wish I had the kind of family love and support that you and your family share. You are all blessed to have one another :) Ann~ Please know how blessed I feel to have Lora in my life. She is the kind of friend everyone should have in their lifetime. Please give her and Griffin HUGS for Noah and I when you see her too!!!

Kiralea Powell said...

Lora's mum
What a beautiful letter you have written to your grandson and daughter. My husband red this with me and was overcome with emotions.

His family are not very understanding nor supportive but reading this made us understand how lucky we are to have my parents who have supported and cared unconditionally with not only jordan but Chloe and Nicolas as well.

Lora is a wonderful person and mother and i can see how she has turned out this way because you are a wonderful mother to Lora and grandmother to Griffin.

I have truly enjoyed reading Lora's blog and she is truly a inspirational mother and she gets that also from you.

You remind me of my own mother when it comes to understanding Jordans individual needs and i think we as children ourselves are truly blessed with mothers and grandmothers that truly care.