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Friday, March 31, 2006

Parenting Your Complex Child is now available through Amazon in most countries and Barnes and Noble. Excerpts are available on Amazon and on the publisher's website AMACOM Books . It should be in bookstores and at most Wal-Mart stores in April. This book was written by my dear friend, Peggy Lou Morgan who has many years of experience with a complex special needs individual, her son Billy Ray who is now 23 years of age.

Here's What the Experts Are Saying About Parenting Your Complex Child:

Lots of good information in navigating both the school systems and working with the medical community.
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Author of Thinking in Pictures

This is a thoughtful, thought-provoking, well-written and really helpful book. It will be of great interest, and of great value, to both parents and professionals. The author, the mother of a difficult, mixed-diagnosis ("complex") child perceives the terrain as a series of battlefields, and proffers her book as a "peace plan" that will minimize combat injuries to all parties, especially the child."Well done! I like it!
Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.Director, Autism Research InstituteFounder, Autism Society of America

Read more about this fantastic upcoming book at: tp://

I highly recommend that you purchase this book, it will change your life and help you with your child(ren) and his/her/their special needs.

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mommyguilt said...

I saw this on another site today - brain cramp as to who it was though...and Peggy Lou Morgan....I must be a big DUH because I had no idea she was an author! Now I really MUST read!