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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some Bad News

You know how when you say something that maybe you are really confident about, maybe even proud of, and it comes back to bite you in the butt? Well, I wrote awhile back about all the things that I was grateful for and on that list was " I am grateful for my health......I am the healthiest person that I know". Boy oh boy did that come back to bite me, big time! I went to the ortho doctor the other day because I have been having pain in my hips for months now. I have had an MRI done but didn't know the results yet. So, anyhow, after the exam and lots of questions the doctor told me that I have "synovitis" which is degenerative arthritis in my hips and not just that but he also told me that eventually I will have to have my hip(s) replaced. I only hope that these hold out on me for a very long time. He told me that it was from the abuse over the years of high impact activities like ballet and gymnastics etc..... All those wonderful things that I used to enjoy so much I am paying for them now. Nobody ever told me that I would end up crippled one day because I could do splits, round off back handsprings, flips, leaps, and all that fun stuff. I have something going on in my back too. We have yet to check it out and do an MRI on it too. Don't know why they didn't do both at the same time. Must be an issue with Medicaid. Thank goodness I have Medicaid. In other words, thank goodness we are living in poverty (it sounds bad but it is true) because we would be S.O.L. if we weren't Financially, we are poor but I consider myself to be a very fortunate individual. Speaking of, there are plenty of people who are way worse off than we are. Like the working poor in America who aren't able to get Medicaid but don't have medical insurance available to them either. I know I just went off on a tangent but I want people to know that I realize that there are people plenty worse off than we are (I am). So, I don't want you to think that I am whining because I don't mean to. I am kind of complaining but I am about to stop right now and end this post on a positive note. My health is okay now regardless of the bad news I am able to function and enjoy my beautiful "Sonshine". Most of all, he is in good health and that really matters the most to me. I am truly grateful!!!!


Melissa H said...

So sorry to hear about your pain and your hips. Thank goodness it is something that can be resolved and won't be life-threatening. I'll keep you in my prayers that your pain disappears.

KCsMom said...

Wow Lora, that had to be tough to hear:( I have a neighbor who lives about 4 condos away and she had hip replacment surgery and she is doing very well! I met her as she was walking her new doggy. She can't run or anything like that but she walks very well I have even heard there are knee replacements too, I think Charlie's grandparents had knee replacemnets if I remember correctly.
You must be in alot of pain everyday.
I hope everything works out for you Lora, keep going to those appointments and read up on the surgery too. Try to prepare as much as you can, we have you in our thoughts and prayers as we always do!

Tina and Boys

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Lora, sorry about your results. Does the arthritis really hurt now? How soon would you have to have the replacement hips?


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Who'd have thought getting regular excercise could come back to hurt you? Crazy! I'm so glad you have medicaid... I can't imagine how hard it would be for someone to live without basic medical insurance.


Lora said...


Thank you for your concern. Yes, I do have a lot of pain right now even though I am on an anti-inflammatory medication. I have another appointment on the 15th when I will ask for either an increase in my present med or to try a new one because the one I am taking isn't helping that much. As far as when the surgery will be, it is hard to say. I am hoping that my joints hold out for a very long time. I am only 41 so I am hoping to get some more mileage out of them :)

Kiralea Powell said...

Hello my darling friend

I am so sorry to hear about this news. This can be very painful, because my mother had a similiar problem. My mother was born with 2 club feet and the osteoarthritis wore away her hip,knees and shoulders so she has had 2 kee reconstructions, 2 hip and shoulder. We call her the titanium women. The doctor who actually came from America to operate on her told her he ages 5 years everytime he had to operate on her.

She feels a lot better after these operations, though because of her limited walking movements due to her club feet etc, she has to be pushed around in a wheelchair when she goes shopping because she doesnt have the strength in her arms/hands to to this herself. Electric wheelchairs are so damn expensive so this is out of the equation.

Take it easy and rest as much as you can? You will be in my thoughts and i hope the doctors can help with the pain.
I dont know what else to say, but i hope you will be ok in the long run.

Hugs to you and Griffin
Love Kiralea & Family

kyra said...

oh lora! so sorry about your hips! i'm sending prayers for good news from the MRI. and by the way, you NEVER sound complainy to me!