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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Griffin's First Train Ride

Today we went to ride the train and Kathleen, Griffin's teacher, came along. It was a free trip because the railroad was having an open house today and even though it was rather short it was still pretty neat. Griffin seemed to like it as he was looking out the window but what he liked the most was the free balloon and popcorn. Before the trip on the train Kathleen and I took Griffin to get his hair cut at the barber's shop. The barber was really good as he worked as quickly as he could in getting it done. Griffin screamed a little and squirmed here and there a bit but for the most part I think that he did a good job sitting still. It took about half an hour and cost $15.00. I don't know if that is the going rate for little boys' haircuts but it seemed pretty fair considering what the man had to tolerate while cutting Griffin's hair. I am sure that it takes a tremendous amount of patience to not only to cut his hair but to deal with two women trying to hold him all at the same time. He looks so cute/adorable with his new short hair, I will post a picture of him in the next post. Meanwhile, I am going to go and read my favorite blogs.


Melissa H said...

Good job, Griffin! I don't know if this will work with Griffin, but Conor loves to play with the water squirt bottle while he gets his hair cut. It keeps him pretty still and doesn't fuss much at all since the hairdresser & I figured out that trick.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hi Lora and Griffin,
Oh I can't wait to see his new haircut! Great job sitting at the barber little guy!
You are a super little dude:)

Teague said...

I bet he enjoyed going on the train. Kids that age often do. Somevof my best memories are the train trips my dad and I went on together when I was a little kid. They were longer, though. They took several days. It's great that Griffin got a hair cut. I'm sure he looks cute.

Jenn said...

My kids would have LOVED the train! What a fun experience!
Way to go on the haircuts too - that's such a huge deal in our house - My boys are all getting shaggy right now, but it's such an ordeal that I don't do it too often, and when they do get haircuts, I have to bribe them with skittles and distract them! Looking forward to a pic of your handsome little guy with his new haircut!

Ann said...

I hope Griffin did love the train ride I think he will. And again I like the hair cut. Having two women holding him down he will probably remember that one also, you think?