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Monday, May 08, 2006

Griffin's Haircut

Not much to report but I did want to at least post a picture of Griffin's haircut. Isn't he a cutie? Griffin has been sucking on the neckline of his shirts constantly and I don't know what to do to get him to stop. Gayle, the O.T. and I tried the NUK oral thingy(don't know what it's called) but he chewed it up into bits. We have tried chewing gum and he has lost interest in it and only licks it now. She has mentioned chewy tubes which might work at least temporarily. I hope so. Here in the photo you can tell that his shirt is wet and that's why. Nothing else going on, no news is good news. We are doing great and life is good.


Melissa H said...

Griffin looks so handsome!

Conor does the same thing with his shirts. The way we got him to stop was to tell him that he could chew on his beloved Hippo (his snuggle that he has had since he was a baby). It works 99% of the time and I think its because it, too, is made out of the same chewing texture: cloth. It is not an easy thing to get him to stop, so I feel your pain!

K.C.'sMommy said...

He looks so cute!!

My brother still chews the neckline of his shirt too. I asked my mother about it and she said it seems to be something he does when he's nervous to calm himself. Maybe you could try a button up shirt with a bit of a stiff collar. I hope it helps:) Maybe even a chewy tube may work for Griffin:)
Tell the little guy he looks beautiful for us:)
Tina and Boys

Melissa said...

Griffin looks so handsome. Great haircut! I have no suggestions on the shirt sucking since we haven't had that, but it looks like you have some good suggestions to try listed above. Good luck!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

He is a cutie! Nice haircut too :o) I wish I knew what to do about sucking on shirts. I know that many kids do it ASD and NT.


Mamaroo said...

Very Handsome Boy w/his new hair cut!!!

Roo does the same with his shirts and many other things get put in his mouth also. If you figure out a good way to avoid it let me know. I know with Roo, I try to give him more crunchy foods when he is mouthing things more so. It does seem to help a bit. His favorite is baby carrots.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Griffin is adoreable with his new haircut.

The chewing will probably be temporary. Maybe you can figure out if anything triggers it and modify the circumstances. Maybe it is just something he needs right now.

Wendy said...

His hair looks great! Did you cut it yourself? I always have to cut C's hair. My mom asked me how I do it the other day because he HATES it and I told her I basically have to put him in a choke hold. Not really but I do have a firm grip on him using my arms and my legs. It's crazy..but it's the only way to keep him from looking like a hippie!

On the shirt thing...I know it's so easy to say "oh, it's because he's autistic" (because I do that all the time...unfairly probably a lot of the time!) but I think a lot of children do that - NT or not. It'll probably pass soon.

Wendy said...

I'm reading your posts backwards today. Sorry...just read that you took him to a barber. I'll do my research more thoroughly next time!

Anonymous said...

Liz here again. He sure is cute. My oldest stepson (now 28) who is NT did that to his shirts between the ages of 4 and 8 -- finally stopped when his buddies made fun of him for doing it.

When my daughter was teething I made low-salt jerky for her -- great hit with all the family, in fact. It's not hard to make. Worth trying a batch to see if he likes it.

Ann said...

I like griffin's hair cut, he is handsome even if he does have a wet shirt. Hopefully he will out grow chewing on his shirt, lets hope so.

Kiralea Powell said...

Wow Griffin is so handsome.
I cannot believe the similiarity of Jordan and Griffin. It was like they were past brothers.

The sucking i cannot really shed some light on, but jordan loves to flick his pillowslip on the corner constantly and seems to go in a world of his own again.

take care
love kiralea and family xxx

Anonymous said...

My son is five and he started having his problem when he first started kindergarten. The only way I could have him stop chewing on his t-shirt is by putting soap on the inside of the neck where he chews. He doesn't chew on it when I have the soap but when I don't he goes back and does the same thing. However, when he can't chew on it he stretches it instead.