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Saturday, May 20, 2006

School Is Almost Out

The end of school is near and I am trying to think about what the heck I am going to do with Griffin to fill our days. Since he doesn't necessarily like the playground and doesn't play on the equipment even if I play with him, then I am left wondering what we will be doing. We take Abby for a walk twice a day now and try to do as much outdoors when the weather is nice but there is only so much one can do with a 4 year old who likes to run off. I have one of those harnesses with a leash that I strap on him if I want to go for a walk with him because if I don't he will take off and be out in the road in no time and I am not fast enough to catch up with him. When we go to take Abby for a walk I put him in the stroller because I can't handle a dog and a 4 year old all at once. There are things that we can work on inside but each activity only takes a few minutes to complete, we have music to sing and dance to but I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions on what to do. In the meantime I will be in search of new things for us to do.


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Sarah saw his pic and said "He's CUTE!"

I think he's cute too :)

Kiralea Powell said...

What about some craft ideas. Does he like drawing, cutting out or pasting? Maybe take him swimming with you. Here in Australia we have these cafes that parents can have a cuppa and let their children go wild in a big ball room thats fenced in for children under 5. A great web page my friend gave me which it may pay to look at it, Jordan loves it and it keeps them amused for hours, just click , click away and something new pops up please have a look at it the address is If you click on the red fish it takes you to another section i will find out some more for you. It has numbers, alphabet and lots of learning tools that the kids love. Hope this helps take care my friend and i will email you later. By the way i have sent a whole heap of jokes to you so you can start laughing.
Love and hugs
Kiralea & family

Mr Ornery said...

Ought to be some sort of summer programs for the Griffins there. Perhaps a check around will turn up some.

Ann said...

This is a wonderful photo of griffin, but then all of them are. Something will turn up just try keep him busy with those little hands. It's also warmer weather so perhaps longer walks and times at the dog park. The program will be available before you know it. This summer out of school process is part of the testing for that unconditional love we have for our children.