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Friday, May 05, 2006

Update on the Ears

Well, I figured out why Griffin was holding his ears and it wasn't a sensory issue or a medical issue. He was doing it to manipulate mommy. I learned that he was doing it to manipulate me when Stephanie (the respite provider) and I put him to the test. I turned on my TV and left his TV on and Stephanie distracted him by playing with him while I sat at the computer. He held his ears briefly but as soon as he was having fun he stopped. When he stopped I gave him lots of attention and praise and it hasn't happened since. Now he goes on his merry way while I have my TV on in the kitchen and there's no more covering of the ears. Everything remains the same as before so I can't see how it could have been a sensory issue. Also, I spoke with my friend Amy who said that her son, Noah, used to do the same thing. If Griffin had continued to hold his ears I would have taken him in to see the doctor but now I don't think that it is necessary. Besides, I think that if he was in a lot of pain that his behavior would have changed and that wasn't the case. Anyhow, I think that he is fine and I make sure that he gets plenty of attention while I am watching my TV and /or I am on the computer and it seems to be the right remedy for the situation. In other news, I am reading "Parenting Your Complex Child" and it is one of the most informative and insightful books I have ever read. So far one of my favorite parts is chapter 14 , Creating A Community For Your Child. It is about how it can be made easier for you and your child to be out in public and how to deal with those individuals that seem to stare and the ones who make comments. It also shows you how to deal with restaurants, grocery stores and even how to deal with haircuts plus so much more than that. I felt so connected to the author, Peggy Lou Morgan, that I began to shed some tears and get a lump in my throat. By the way that she writes it is as if you are in those shoes, she knows exactly what we go through with our 'extraordinary needs' (as she puts it) children. The way that it is all explained is easy to understand and quite clear to the reader with the solution being an easy one for each and every situation. Please check out the link above and then go out and get a copy for yourself or you can order it online though


Melissa H said...

That little stinker! Our kids are so smart! But, Mommy was smarter!!!!

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Kids are really good at manipulating. In our house we don't have just "if Mom says no ask Dad" we also have "if parents say no ask support staff". Billy Ray's noise sometimes is similar to Griffin's hands on his ears.

Thanks for your comments about my book.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Griffin is one smart cookie! I am so glad to hear his ears are o.k.! Good figuring that one out Mom! Big Brother tries to manipulate me too and sometimes he is a sneaky little devil.
Has he seen the movie Piglet's Big Movie? The songs on the film are too cute and both K.C. and Big Brother love that movie. There is a scene in the movie where some bees are after Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger, it is quite funny!