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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Two Great Pictures

This is Griffin using Pisgah as a pillow. Poor ol' Pisgah is so tolerant and patient with Griffin he has got to be the best cat that I have ever had because he is such a trooper.Oh, and by the way, Griffin doesn't hurt Pisgah I watch them carefully when they are together so that both of them are safe. Then there is the other picture where Griffin was putting the telephone up to Elmo and pretending that Elmo was talking on the phone. Just thought that I would share a couple of pictures that I got the other day that I thought were exceptionally good. Hope that you enjoy them too. What's the latest with us? Well, Griffin is still getting up at 5:00 in the morning even though he went to bed last night at 9:00 and had taken his melatonin too 5 mg. It seems to knock him out but he isn't sleeping as long maybe because that is about the time that the sun comes out and he is sensitive to the little bit of light that comes through the window. I have a couple of blankets over the window in order to make it as dark as possible in there but it isn't perfect, I guess that I need to staple the blankets to the wall in order to keep ALL of the sunlight out. In other news, I am sculpting again and am actually quite surprised at how well it is coming along. The last time I had my hands in clay was when I was pregnant 4 years ago, almost 5 . As soon as I have completed my project I will post a picture of it. Griffin has been quite mellow lately and has not had a meltdown since our flight to Anchorage from Minneapolis back in the middle of April and heaven knows that he certainly did have the right to have one then. The poor lil' guy had a fever, felt horrible I'm sure, had already been flying for a few hours and had frankly had enough of all the outside stimultation. Anyhow, it has been a month and no meltdowns! What a great lil' guy he is and such a happy camper. He is doing well in school, at speech, and at O.T. which I will post about soon. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

You do have a wonderful cat! Our cat would never in a million years let Gabe snuggle with him like Griffin looks just adorable.


Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Griffin is doing so well. Good job Mom and Griffin. Pictures are wonderful.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Cute photos!!! What a great kitty cat:) She loves Griffin:) Your litte guy is just adorable! So happy to hear how well he is doing! Way to go Mom and Griffin!

Kiralea Powell said...

Griffin sounds like he is coming along beautifully. Its great to see he can role play with a imaginative mind by letting elmo speak on the phone. lol bless his little heart. Your cat Pisgah is beautiful and i truly believe animals play such a important role in our lives, especially with special needs children.

Jordan and Mocha have the same understanding and love to play hide and seek together, where the cat jumps out behind the door and graqbs at his legs. Jordan squeels with laughter. I am so proud of Griffin, just like you are and every day keeps getting better and better doesnt it?

Hugs to all and take care my special friend
love & hugs
Kiralea & family xxxxoooo

kyra said...

such wonderful news about griffin and the absence of meltdowns! and SUCH adorable pics. AND hooray to you for getting your hands on clay! i recommend those blackout shades PLUS heavy dark curtains. we have both on fluffy's window AND his skylight. it can now be very dark in there even when it's quite light outside!

Wendy said...

What a cutie! Those are wonderful pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Ann said...

This is a great photo of Griffin and Pisgah, the cat has the right name because you know how peaceful and quiet that mt. pisgah is in both the summer and winter. Griffin is growing up so fast and he looks quiet secure in confident with himself. Keep up the good work mom.