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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Special Olympics Bowling

I spoke with my friend Amy on the phone before we left in the morning and she told me to give it a couple of tries because he may not like it the first time because her son didn't and she kept encouraging him and he eventually loved it so we set of for Special Olympics bowling not knowing how he would like it.

We got there and Griffin seemed open to the idea putting his shoes on and trying out the ball, size 9 the smallest I could find, he automatically took to the board where you punch in your name and did so after we had decided that he was going to play singles because it would mean less wait time. For the first first frame he hit the pins and was satisfied then he began to get gutter balls and became frustrated especially since they were getting stuck in the gutter and we had to wait for the attendant to get them out. I tried to show him how to throw it faster and harder and for a few times he did and hit the pins, I cheered him on giving him a high five but it seemed like it was just not enough. The bad seemed to outweigh the good. I was just not a good enough coach for him and I should have asked for help but didn't see anyone other than parents really and frankly I was feeling overwhelmed myself just as I think he was. I think that the noise was bothering him too and all the visual goings on, too many people around us I think too. I thought that maybe he was hungry so I got him some fries but it didn't seem to help. He just kept getting more and more upset and I couldn't think of what to do to get him to focus. He ran outside into the parking lot having a meltdown with me chasing him so I talked to him and we left.

The Special Olympics woman told me that there would be a coach next Saturday but some good that would do, I think that there should have been one on the first day to help the kids get used to being there and to help the parents with the kids.

We went to see Uncle Charlie and Griffin liked that a lot, he had one of his legs operated on and his second one will be done on Tuesday then he will be moved to a rehabilitation facility to heal.

Griffin had an accident on Friday and is still having GI issues going between constipation needing Miralax and then having diarrhea like Friday in his pants. He eats the same foods at home but I think I need to get a list of what he eats at school if they will do that. He goes to the GI doc on Oct. 11th I hope he helps this time because he went a year ago and all they did was try anti acid meds for him that didn't help, then they just blamed anxiety now it is apparent that it is not anxiety.

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