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Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Will I Learn?

Why does it always have to be a struggle in the morning? Griffin is so moody when he wakes up unless of course I put him to bed so early the night before that he wakes up hours earlier before the bus gets here and then he is raring to go and I am exhausted the rest of the day. I just can't win it seems when it comes to the morning quandary. If I put him to bed "on time" and get him up with time to get dressed before the bus comes but not enough time to get antsy and restless and especially hungry then I lose that way too because he gets angry and hits me.....that doesn't go over well.

I had these "I Need a Break" cards from TEACCH that I should have used this morning but he was so upset that I didn't think of them. When in the line of fire one doesn't necessarily think of things like that only things like staying away from the other one's fists. Right before he got on the bus we talked about it so that he didn't have to go through the day thinking about it and being upset about it nor did I for that matter. So when he gets home we are going to practice going through a meltdown and for him needing a break and using one of those cards. Probably I will use them too when I need a break.

It is a beautiful day outside and I need to go out there and do something, I don't know what but I can't let this weather pass by and not take advantage of it. Maybe I will take Griffin to the lake after school but then I wonder if I should do something like go to the lake alone instead because this is my time after all. I just can't seem to find that balance between how much I should do for me and how much for him. I do end up sitting at home a lot.

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Bobbi said...

Nice blog. Mornings are hard here also. I too have a almost 10 year old boy with autism. Never a dull moment, lol. Come check out my blog: