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Monday, September 03, 2012

Uncle Charlie is Alive Thank God!!!!! Tae Kwan Do

Griffin and his Uncle Charlie in the hospital yesterday, Charlie is lucky to be alive and we are so grateful that he is because he had a horrible motorcycle accident. Actually it was a small scooter and he had a helmet on thank God and his neck and head were not harmed but both his legs were broken and both his wrists were too so he can't use his hands but maybe his fingertips. He also has broken ribs so altogether he is in a lot of pain. They put those rods in his legs, those kinds that are on the outside of the body that are sticking up and go circle around the leg then go into the leg and boy do they look painful.

He said that the doctor said that he would get out in two weeks but then he couldn't use a wheelchair because he couldn't push himself due to his broken wrists so I guess he would use an electric one or have someone push him. The nurse said that he would go into rehab since he has no one at home to care for him. Griffin is really close to Charlie and used to spend a lot of time with him, he acted out at the hospital because of the environment and possibly because it bothered him to see Charlie like that even though when I later talked to Griffin he didn't say so. It could be that Griffin just doesn't know how to verbalize his emotions about it or maybe it could be that he just became impatient at the hospital and got antsy because I made him wait too long and I am making too much of this.

I think that I will take him back one more time for a short visit to see if it bothers him because initially he did seem happy to see Uncle Charlie and he did talk to him as he gave his Get Well Soon card to him that he had made that is pictured here in the photo. It has Perry the platypus from Phineaus and Ferb, Mordicai, the Blue Jay is from the "The Regular Show", and Cookie Monster on it. If after a few minutes he is impatient and showing signs of being uncomfortable then I will know that it is not okay to bring him back, then we will have to wait until Charlie is in rehab healing in a wheelchair looking more like a regular human and not so scary for a youngster who doesn't understand exactly what is going on.

It was so good to see Charlie after not seeing him for over a year's time and I was so glad that he was okay and in one piece even though he was really beaten up. So grateful that he is alive!

I give thanks to Spirit that is great and generous to us all giving us life and sparing us when we think that we might not make it. You may call this Spirit "God" and it doesn't really matter but either way I give thanks that my Aunt Patty is doing well and my Aunt Gail is talking, and that my cousin Charlie is alive. I give thanks that Griffin and I have our health and are safe each and every day and that my family is safe and has access to the health care that they need for their continued progress. I am surrounded by love and I sometimes take it for granted but at night I say my prayers and give thanks. I try to not beat myself up for not being perfect but at the same time I strive to be the best that I can be for Griffin for his future but I must remember that I have to be in his present. And the only way that I can do that is to make mistakes and to be human and to let him know that it is okay, to move on, and to apologize. We make up and snuggle, he is such a loving and forgiving more thing to be grateful for!

This is at Tae Kwan Do class (Karate) Saturday, the first one for Griffin ever, it really was a test run to see if he liked it. He kind of participated but mostly just stood there and watched, I stood behind him for awhile to help him but the instructor helped him out most of the time. The class was ahead of him since they had been there months ahead of him, Griffin tried 2 moves and got them without getting upset.....YEAH! But when it came to time to wait on the side of the mat sitting while the other kids did their thing, he sat so patiently I was so proud of him. He had a great first class even the instructor said so, he explained that Griffin was exactly where he expected him to be at this point and that most kids don't participate until sometimes 6 weeks into classes.

Special Olympics is supposed to start on the 15th so I don't know if we are going to continue with Tae Kwan Do, it will be bowling and I am so excited for Griffin. I think that he is going to love it!

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Looking for Blue Sky said...

Griffin looks SO pleased that his Uncle is okay :) Best of luck with the Special Olympics as well, should be really great for him x