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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Birthday Party

I was so busy socializing with my friends that I had not seen for over 2 years that I forgot to get pics of Griffin playing with the other kids. Here is my dear friend Lisa who I grew up with and used to be nanny to her daughter Devon (pictured below), I can't believe that she has a 6 year old and 4 year old...I should be feeling old by now but I am just really proud of them, not feeling old yet.

Griffin played with the younger kids, thank goodness they were younger otherwise he would have had a hard time getting along with them. He did spend a lot of time wandering around and eating but I left him alone because he was minding his own business and not complaining. He enjoyed the hot dogs that he had a lot of patience waiting for, I am proud of how well he did the whole time. We stayed about 3 hours so he really did a great job hanging out longer than I thought he would.

After we left we went to see Aunt Gail and Charlie at the rest home where Charlie is healing and Aunt Gail lives now since her stroke years ago. They are enjoying each others company because Charlie is her son, they were hanging out in the same room when we got there. It was nice to see them I think that Griffin was happy to see them both too but he was antsy and ready to go home.

Today we went to the lake as usual and found these little ducklings.

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