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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Visit to the Dentist

Griffin did such a great job at his visit to the dentist yesterday, for the first time he let them clean his teeth and put the fluoride paint on them without a fight. I was so proud of him. He was so patient with the hygienist even though, as pictured here, a second one had to come in to help hold his hands down for the cleaning briefly he wasn't really fighting but was just uncomfortable. He said that it tickled and he didn't like the fact that the saliva was accumulating in the back of his throat so the second hygienist helped aspirate the saliva out of his throat and that helped him. The whole process only took about fifteen minutes especially since they didn't need to take x-rays, then the doctor came in for the exam and fluoride treatment which took about ten minutes. He said that Griffin has 10 baby teeth left but I forgot to ask which molars have come through, he does have two loose teeth right now with one coming through.

After that we went to visit my cousin Charlie who is still in the hospital, he was in good spirits and happy to see us. He told me that he had been outside for the past two days and that meant a lot to him even though it caused him a lot of pain. I imagine that it would after lying in the bed all day. His mom who had a major stroke does the same ironically and I am sure that going outside means the world to her to her too because she lies in the bed all day as well and has for years now. He is having surgery Thursday and Tuesday on his legs and then he will get out in a week to rehab to heal for months to come because he has no one to help him at home.

Griffin was so talkative with him about everything voluntarily and answering questions too. The nurse and Charlie were telling him jokes but Griffin didn't get them but it didn't phase him that he didn't either, he just went on about his business and they kinda just left it alone. While Charlie and I talked Griffin just drew pictures and Charlie praised him and asked him about who was in the picture. Griffin sometimes likes it when he is praised for his work sometimes not, depends on his mood and how it is done. I don't usually do it right or he just doesn't like it when I do it because he has a bad reaction nearly every time I do it and I have tried doing it in different ways. He is so silly that I have got to keep trying to get through to him, he is so worth it! But then I do recall someone saying that the mom is not the only influence in the child's life and should not feel solely responsible for him and I agree. There are so many influences that make Griffin who he is and others who give him praise and help him with his self-esteem.

 My Aunt Patty is still doing better, at least that is what she tells me. I am still praying for her and for her continued healing, for her family and that they get the support that they need. Please offer your prayers for them it is greatly appreciated.  


Jerri Franceschi said...

Hi Lora! Your cousin Charlie and aunt Patty are both brave. I think, they are just a couple of people who influence Griffin to be brave. You mentioned he had a fluoride treatment. My niece just had hers last week. She was told by her dentist to use fluoride rinses and gels to clean her teeth. I also bought floss threads for her to prevent her from having cavities. That way, she wouldn’t have to visit the doctor more often than normal. My prayers go out to your aunt and cousin!

Jerri Franceschi

Landon Heath said...

Griffin’s a little warrior! Visits to the dentist can be petrifying for kids. I’m impressed that he held on his own there. About the therapy, please be sure that Griffin doesn’t get exposed to excessive amounts of fluorine. This can lead to a condition known as fluorosis, which causes a brownish discoloration around the teeth. Take care!

Ted Grimmer said...

Thanks for writing this very heartwarming post. Griffin was phenomenal with the dentist, which is quite a rare feat because dentists can come off as intimidating to children. I hope he continues to have a positive experience with his dental check-ups, as this is only the beginning. Wishing your family all the best!

Ted Grimmer