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Monday, September 10, 2012

The State Fair 2012

We went to the state fair Saturday and Griffin had a great time seeing all the animals, he said that his favorite part was the petting zoo. I couldn't really afford for us to ride any of the rides so we spent our time with the animals but I think that he was okay with that, he didn't mention going on the rides.

I had a meeting today with Griffin's teachers and he is apparently having some difficulty at school with separation anxiety and doing some screaming in class but I guess the teacher asks Griffin what rule number one is and he says no screaming in class so kudos to them both. We had a problem Friday when Griffin had a doctor's appointment in the morning and had to go to school late and it caused a problem because it made him think that he could stay out of school even though I put it on his schedule that he was going to school late. It wouldn't have been a big deal except that I had to take him home to eat since it was too late for lunch at school and I couldn't take him out to eat so I had to call the school to get help for backup assistance since he was having a major meltdown.

Eventually, once I got him to school we found out that he was upset about the bus and someone on it so we talked to the man in charge of the buses and I came back to take him home that day. This morning he had no problem getting on the bus.

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