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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Too Much Energy

Griffin has been spending more time reading on his own lately. Most of his books are kept in the bedroom and here I caught him reading to himself aloud. As of late he has been opening the books and saying, " Once upon a time...." and then actually reading the book. I am getting a bit anxious about our trip and about how well he is going to do but I am hoping that by bringing all the things that I listed in my last post plus lots of books that it will help him stay occupied. I have had a bit more anxiety than usual the past few days due to the fact that I increased my medication for my Bipolar disorder and the side effects include something that is called, Akythesia which means that I have excessive restlessness. Not just the usual kind that one might have after too much coffee but an extreme kind of restlessness that literally keeps me from sitting or standing still. By the time that I have finished writing this post, I will have gotten up to move around about a few dozen times and that is, to say the least, quite aggravating. It is really hard to focus on something when one has to get up so many times but I am determined to finish this post so I'll get by. I am also feeling a bit anxious about seeing my family after 4 years because, well because I am feeling anxious about everything at this point in time. It's not that I feel bad in any way about seeing them but it's a happy sort of anxiety that I feel one that keeps me on pins and needles in eager anticipatiion. My ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) said that I should decrease my medication so as to not have those side effects but I am worried about my depression coming back. It is such a roller coaster being Bipolar and especially since I am a rapid cycler which means that I can go from really down to way up high in a matter of just a few hours. Imagine that folks, it is not a lot of fun. Well, enough about me and my disorder. I am going to go kiss my sweet sleeping angel and then I'll be cleaning the apartment with all this extra energy that I have.


KCsMom said...

My dear friend Lora,
I know what your experiencing and it is no fun at all. I can describe my life as being a roller coaster ride that you can never get off of. Not that long ago I went to see my therapist and begged her to get me off this ride :( It's hard, but know that we are here for you and care about you very much!
Griffin is so smart! I forgot to mention, pack something he has never seen or played with at home and don't let him see it until he's on the plane (or when he's super restless) Maybe there is something at Walmart that you can pick up while he's at school.
My mother asked me to tell you to wear little signs on your backs, both of you. Griffin's could say, I am Autistic, and yours, I am flying with an Autistic child. Everyone should be able to see the little signs. My mother flew with my brother quite a few times and she said it helped alot.
I think everything is going to be o.k. I know the planning and lists are nerve wrecking.
What are you going to do with you kitty? I had just thought about her. Maybe a friend could come by and feed her and change her litter box too or she could stay with a good friend?

Hugs to you two!

Anonymous said...

Liz from I Speak of Dreams here. At first I was put off by the signs idea, but then I thought about my travelling experiences. If I were on a plane with Griffin and he had a meltdown, I'd have a lot more patient response if I knew of his challenges.

About the restlessness--I don't have medication challenges, but I am getting a treadmill + computer desk, as described at Book of Joe another story here here.

Enjoy the trip!

GClef1970 said...

Lora -

Every day, you give me so much strength and courage. I hope you realize how amazing you are.

mommyguilt said...

Lora - You and Griffin will both be just fine. You two are some of the strongest, bravest people I know!!! The anticipation of a change is always stressful, so I'm certain that is probably high on your mind, and I'm certain that Griffin is a bit curious as well....but you'll both do beautifully. I am sure of that!