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Thursday, December 29, 2005

ABC's, 123's, and Smiley Faces

Here is Griffin making a zero and he put a one in front of it to make 10 . He also made the numbers 13, 9, 16, and 8. He has been busy lately on the chalkboard here at home drawing his favorite, a smiley face, and practicing his alphabet as well. It seems that Griffin is going through some sort of growth spurt with his learning because he has shown an exceptional interest in reading and writing over and above his usual hyperlexia. Needless to say that I am very proud of him and am so very happy to see that he is doing exactly what he enjoys the most. Griffin has been interested in these things so much that he has cut his video time down to practically none at all and that makes mommy happy.
I have been busy trying to keep this depression at bay, making sure that I don't sleep too much and that we get out of the apartment every day. The increase in meds has not helped me and my nurse practitioner gave me a firm "No!" to trying any other anti-depressants due to the negative effects I have had in the past. So, I am stuck with what I got, or so it seems. She said that I need to wait a month to find out if the increase of the Abilify works because it can take that long to feel the effects of it. Man, how I wish that there was a magic pill or a button I could push to make this all go away! Enough whining for now. I had a good day and am grateful for my time with Griffin especially after the week I had last week. I must be honest though, it will be nice for us to get back into the school routine and to have time each day to myself. It seems awfully selfish but right now it is essential for my "sanity". It's just that Griffin gets bored so easily and then becomes hyper and a bit out of control. He runs around in circles literally, bangs his head on not only hard objects but on people too, namely "me", and he perseverates. The ones that I have the hardesrt time with are the perseverating and the head banging . Peggy Lou has given me some wonderful pointers on how I might remedy these situations and believe me, I am going to begin trying them out tomorrow.


Felicity said...

you know, as a deperssive, or maybe a bipolar person, I simply cannot imagine how you manage with so little daylight. I'd be totally batshit. It's such a careful balance that requires constant monitoring, "am i eating the right things? sleeping enough, or too much? moving around enough? getting enough sunlight?" I can't imagine having to also monitor a little person with high needs...I know I'm not being helpful, neccessarily, just saying, I feel for you.

KCsMom said...

Hi Lora,
Wow the little dude is amazing! He must be working at a 5 or 6 year old level for sure. I think he is gifted Lora in the areas of reading and spelling! It must be so much fun to work with him! Keep up the good work Mom and Griffin:) Lora does Griffin like the library?

Felicity said...

And, you know, I think that both you & your beautiful son are awesome. The library sounds like it would be paradise for him. Or maybe even listening to(kid)books on tape?

Kristina Chew said...

I wouldn't be making it through charlie's winter break week off without having a lot of home therapy--kind of a necessary luxury. Sounds like Griffin is practising his ABC's and 123's really well in anticipation of school next week---

I know exactly what it's like to live with the head-banging (and the perseverating.....). Charlie's has gotten so much better, mostly because he is in a strict and structured behavioral program using ABA. It started when he was 4 and it still could happen, but has gotten better and better--we keep careful records of exactly what happens before a head-bang (of the antecendent--could be something someone says, a noise, an activity like watching a favorite video). We give Charlie minimal attention when he head-bangs because if he gets any attention for it--even, "did you bump your head?"--he is highly likely to keep banging to get attention. I always try to have some activity ready--even "clap your hands! where do you live? count to 7!"--and give him positive reinforcement for that, so he knows he gets attention for doing positive things.

Have you read A Work in Progress? It provides some good background information on teaching and dealing with autistic kids' needs and behaviors.

Hang in and hope Griffin keeps up with the smiley faces.

Kiralea Powell said...

Hi Lora

Your son is obviously very gifted and isnt it wonderful when you experience new achievements with your child. Staying positive as you are helps too. Well done Griffin! I hope you do find some me time to help you recouperate.
Take care
regards Kiralea