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Monday, December 26, 2005

Saying the Alphabet Backwards

Tonight I was lying down beside Griffin snuggling right before bedtime and all of a sudden he started saying his alphabet BACKWARDS! Not only that but he did it three times in a row without stumbling just as if he had done it a million times before! OMG, I could not believe it and am still having a hard time because I tried to do it and I had to keep saying the letters forward to be able to get them in order backwards. This guy never ceases to amaze me.
Today was a good day for us even though it was dark most of the day the sun was out nice and bright for a few hours. We went to a couple of stores and I got a "Word Whammer" by Leap Frog for him since he loves to spell so much. It goes on the fridge and has magnetic letters that you put in the spaces to spell out a word and it sounds out the letters then the word itself. Griffin is able to spell words much larger like, chimpanzee and Zoboomafoo but he still seems to enjoy working with it.
What I would like to work on with his speech teachers is for him to learn the concept of "my" and "mine" because when he wants his nose wiped (he has a cold) he says exactly what I have said to him "Do you want to wipe your nose?" So, it would be good if he could say," I want my nose wiped." I am beginning to believe that since he had the tubes put in that his receptive language/vocabulary has increased tremendously. The way the E.N.T. doctor explained it to me was that Griffin's ears were like a drum that was being pressed down with someone's hands and that when you hit a drum like that you don't fully hear the sound of the impact, it is muted. Griffin can now hear the "full impact" of the drum, it is much more clear.
I am so grateful that we found an excellent E.N.T. doc who recognized the negative pressure in his ears and did not hesitate to suggest the surgery. It was simple, quick, and he recovered easily from it. I can't remember the name of the test but it was some kind of device that was put into his ear and it measured the pressure inside. I think it was called something like and O.E.G or O.A.E. If there's any doubt that you have about your child's hearing then ask your doctor especially if it's an E.N.T.
My mood was good today, it helped to get out of the apartment for awhile, have some fresh air, and walk around for a bit. I go to see my A.N.P. (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) about my medications tomorrow. We shall see if she increases them again, I don't know. I have called the respite provider, Stephanie, and she has agreed to come to watch Griffin while I am at my appointment and then a couple of hours extra so that I can go run some errands too.


Mr Ornery said...

You know there's a chance too that when your medications are in proper balance for you, your mood swings may not 'swing' quite so far. Oh yeah. And I'll bet Griffin can run the alphabet backward faster than I can forward. I was just trying the backward jaunt in my head and had to keep stopping to ask myself, 'now what's just before ...?' Nice thing is, it was his gift for you for the day after Christmas.

(You're a natural at my little word verification game. Loved your two latest over on my blog. Mine here is: kiedgw 'keedjoo' - slang for 'kid you' as in 'I keedjoo not'.

Kristina Chew said...

It's so great to be able to read "the Griffin tales" again! When I'm not with Charlie overnight (something that has only happened 3-4 times in his 8 1/2 years), I always feel like a part of me is missing.

I saw that LeapFrog toy and thought of it--sounds like a good one and I'll have to consider it for Charlie. Am waiting for when you tell us Griffin spells something the likes of supercalifragilicious.....

KCsMom said...

Go Griffin, Go Griffin! What a smart little boy! It makes me SO happy to hear he is progressing so well after having the tubes put in! He is amazing Lora!
You are feeling better too, that is wonderful! You take it easy, so happy the meds are working!

Revka said...

Hi again! Great post! Glad he is doing well. I used to think Isaac had a hearing problem, i mean his ear holes were so small, but he tested fine. He can do stuff like Griffin! He was beginning to sound out vowels and read at 3. He is reading now and in kindergarten. He took his iowa basics test and scored above kindergarten level. He had a para helping him stay focused. We are hoping he won't have to have a para next year. If he doesn't, then we will do one more year in public, then try private the following year. He is so smart and needs to be challenged. Plus, there is no bullying at all at this school.
My oldest is going to private next year. he has aspergers. I homeschooled him this year to prepare him. He is doing well, and may need a little guidance but will do well.
isaac, the one with autism, went from having echolalic language, to talking, and is now doing back and forth conversations better. He still gets his sentences mixed up.. Like he took his Christmas present back from his brother, and said.."That is mine! I wrapped it first!".
Of course he didn't wrap it, he meant to say it was his, he opened it. He gets words/phrases mixed up, and he talks REAL LOUD. he doesn't get the social stuff yet. Anyway, gotta go my boys are fighting!!

Octoberbabies said...

HOLY MOLY! I can't get past X!!!


Jenn said...

Griffin is so smart - That is amazing. My boys do the same thing with numbers.
I'm sure he'll love the word whammer. We just got the fridge phonics last year, and my oldest was ready to read at the beginning of kindergarten. He's 4.

Eileen said...

That's pretty amazing! Griffin is a really great kid. I am so glad that you are feeling much better!!!

Kiralea Powell said...

Wow thats fantastic news about Griffin and his alphabet.
I dont think Jordan has said it out aloud but has written backwards his alphabet. I am glad you are starting to feel better. You are doing a wonderful job obviously with Griffin and a inspiration to a lot of people who suffer from depression along with raising a special needs child alone. Travel safetly and take care regards Kiralea xxoo

Eva said...

Wow. I stumbled onto your blog off of litte Rebekah's blog. I am at work and just have a few moments to scan, but I am going to come back and read through your whole blog. My 4 1/2 year old niece is autistic, and many of the things you have described that I have read so far sound just like what she goes through - very similar. We are also right now helping her to learn "I" and mine because, like you described, when she wants something she asks just as if you were asking her. If she needs to go potty, she says, "You wanna go potty?" If she wants a drink, she says, "You wanna drink?" There are so many different variations in autistic children that sometimes it is hard to relate to other families of autistic children when their autism displays itself in totally different ways. We are all very much is the stage of just figuring out how to help my niece grow and learn and be production - what therapys will work - what to try - etc. So anyway - I'll be back, and I'm going to point your blog out to my brother and sister-in-law.