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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Happy New Year to You All

Pictured here is my best friend Sheila who was Griffin's first educator through the Programs for Infants and Children here in Anchorage. I was going to write about Griffin's early intervention program with Sheila but instead I think that I am going to ask her to write a bit about it because my memory does not serve me well even though she made some notes for me. Don't know if it's the ADHD or the PTSD but I have what is called "poverty of thought" and whenever I try to recall something it's just not there. I hate it because I can't even remember things like Griffin's milestones. I have to write everything down in my journals otherwise it's gone.

Anyhow, I had a good day today. My depression was held at bay and I actually had the energy to be more productive and got us out of the apartment a bit. Sheila came over for lunch, I ordered pizza and we got to sit and chat. Boy, does that ever lift one's spirits - being able to socialize with an adult for awhile. That's a real treat for me.

Griffin came to me today and led me over to the chalkboard. He moved my hand so that it was over his hand as he held the chalk, Then he would say the letter or number that he wanted me to help him write. We went through the entire alphabet and numbers 1 - 10 and he would move my hand away when he was able to write the ones by himself. When he tried to put the chalk into my hand to get me to write them myself I told him "No, Griffin needs to write " and put the chalk into his hand. He finally caught on that I wasn't going to do it myself and that he had to make the effort and he proceeded to write as much as he could alone. He struggled a bit but was determined to do it and didn't request my help again.

For those of you who have blogs that I usually visit and leave comments I apologize that I haven't been there lately. I am trying to catch up on reading blogs little by little but some days I just don't have the energy to sit here and read or write. I miss reading about you and yours and will get to it again hopefully tomorrow, It's just that when I do have energy I like to use it to get out of here a bit and try to soak up the little bit of sunlight that we have. Then when at home I like to spend time with Griffin and clean the apartment. I hope that you don't think that I have forgotten you because I do miss ya.

I wish you all a very Happy Happy New Year. I hope that all of you have a safe new year's eve if you do go out and if you don't then I hope that you enjoy the time with your dear family. Griffin and I will be staying in watching Sesame Street's New Year's Eve celebration on video and then we will watch the ball drop in Time's Square. I'll have a glass of red wine and Griffin will have the hard stuff -- apple juice :)

Most of you are ahead of us, since we're in Alaska, so you'll be in the new year long before us (except for my friends in Oregon 1 hr ahead and Arizona 2 hrs ahead oh yea and Australia 4 hrs behind). I am grateful for all of you and all the support that you have offered since I started blogging. Thank you all so very much! I've said it before and I'll say it over and over again.......I couldn't make it through the day without your support and words of encouragement.

So, have a great time no matter how you celebrate and I will be "seeing" you next year unless of course I get to read your blog before then, which I hope to do and now I am just rambling so I think it is time to go. Ta Ta For Now


KCsMom said...

Have a great New Year Lora and Griffin!
Thank you for sharing your lives with us, I have enjoyed reading about you and the little guy so much!
Best Wishes for a great New Year!
Your friends,

Tina and K.C.

Eileen said...

Happy 2006 to you and Griffin, Lora!!!

I wish Griffin continued growth. He is truly an amazing little guy!! And I wish you the strength to continue to fight your illness. Thank's for sharing your story. I look forward to reading more in 2006!

Octoberbabies said...

Happy 2006 to you and your littel guy. I hope this year brings you peace and joy.


Kristina Chew said...

And we're very grateful to hear your words and get the latest about Griffin! What a smart guy. Wishing you a happy, joyful, peaceful 2006!

Suzanne said...

Happy 2006 Lora and Griffin!

Kiralea Powell said...

Hope you had a wonderful new year, and didnt drink too much red. nothing worse than waking up to hangover with kids screaming in your ear all
take care my friend
hugs Kiralea and family.

kyra said...

i SO relate, lora, to how much it helps lift one's spirits to have some chatting time with a girl friend. yippee for that! may we both have much more of that in this new year!