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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bummer of a Day

9:00 p.m. Today was not like any other and I am so bummed about it that I don't even feel like writing but I said that I would so I shall. On the way to see my therapist this morning a huge SUV rammed into the rear quarter panel and smashed my tail light as I was innocently driving and minding my own business. Well, the worst part is yet to come. I told her that I needed her insurance information, phone number, driver's license number, etc....all the pertinent information that one would need except for the most important and easiest to get........the tag number. I didn't even think to get the "bleepin'" tag number. I was so focused on getting to my appointment that I didn't do it right, I trusted that the woman was writing down the correct information and I allowed her to leave. Come to find out later that it was ALL incorrect information. OMG I feel so stupid! I am old enough to know better than to do something so absent-minded. I was concentrating on the real pressing issue of whether I was going to go to the hospital or not that I totally spaced out. So now my car is damaged beyond what it is worth because it is a 1988 model but at least it is still drivable. I am hoping that my "uninsured driver" coverage will take care of it. Does anyone know if that will cover it if the person gave me incorrect information?

Finally I got to my appointment and spoke to my therapist about my condition and she believed that it would be a good idea for me to go to the hospital. A woman came from the crisis center and did a "mobile assessment" on me and she determined that I needed to be in the hospital but there are no beds. Here I sit waiting and waiting. I called the ER and they told me that it wouldn't help me to come in there unless I was trying to kill myself which I am definitely NOT thinking of doing! So, that's the story on that situation so far.

Later I went to go see Griffin at Kathleen's and he greeted me with a big big smile, hugs, and kisses! How wonderful is that? Nothing in the world can compare. We played and he was in a mellow mood therefore it was a wonderfully pleasant visit. I am having a hard time typing right now due to the blurred vision from the tears so I won't be recounting the details of our visit together. Maybe tomorrow I can hold up better. All I can say is that I miss him more than ever before and I anxiously await the moment that I get to see him again and hold him in my arms.

I have a confession to make, that I have been a skeptic about prayer for many many years because I am agnostic not to mention being jaded too but I am beginning to feel that all the prayers said for me and Griffin will make a difference. In this time of need and while having so much pain I think that it would be most beneficial for me to believe in something powerful and not just sit "on the fence" about it. There are too many people out there who are praying for us and I have to admit that it sure does feel good and it does make a difference. I can still be agnostic and be spiritual there is such a thing as spiritual agnosticism so that must be me.

Thank you for your prayers and loving kindness my dear friends. You help keep the "lonely tears" at bay.


Felicity said...

prayers, hugs & kisses, love and support to you from me & mine.

Kristina Chew said...

Oh boy. I've done the same trying to get driver info--am so desperate just to get back in my car that I've failed to note details too.

Hang in, hang on, hang in!

The main thing is those great hugs with Griffin, right?

Thinking of you here.

mommyguilt said...

Lora -

YOU are amazing! You are doing exactly what you need to do for YOU and Griffin! I am so proud of you. I bet that it's taken a lot of strength for you to get to this point and I am SO proud of you.

The accident...well, that happens. I bet that the uninsured motorist coverage will take care of most of it. Don't fret about that now. Right now, take care of YOU!!!!

We're all here for you. If you want, we can make faces at the ugly monster for you. I, and I know everyone else does too, am looking forward to hearing from you when you return!!!!

Mr Ornery said...

Here's a little practical suggestion, for what it's worth. Given the strong aversion insurance companies have to paying claims, once you're clear of the hospital, give your insurer as many details as you can of the SUV and driver that rammed your car. Sic them on it. I don't know how large the population may be where you live or any other details, but insurance companies I have dealt with in the past would move heaven and earth to adhere to their motto: 'make the other guy pay.'

Slightly tongue-in-cheek advice here, but I doubt you expect anything less from me. All the best to you and Griffin.

Suzanne said...

Lora, saying some prayers for you and Griffin. Hugs.


KCsMom said...

Hi Lora,
I am sorry to hear about your automobile. The main thing is your safe. The rest will hopefully work itself out and you will be back home with Griffin very soon!
Take care,
K.C.'s mom

kyra Anderson said...

sending the prayers. my heart is with you and your griffin.