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Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Few New Blogs You've Got To Check Out

There are some new blogs that my friends have that I highly recommend:

One is my best buddy K.C.'s mom, Tina, and her blog is Matchbox Kid . You will definitely fall in love with K.C. and enjoy how Tina writes about him and their everyday challenges and celebrations. Tina just started this blog so let's give her support and share your stories with her.

Another one that I thoroughly enjoy reading and find it has valuable information is also a blog by one of my dear friends named Peggy Lou Morgan her son's name is Billy Ray. Check out:
Parenting A Complex Special Needs Child. You'll feel compelled to read more and more

Last but not least is a blog all the way from Australia by my friend Kiralea whose son's name is Jordan hence the title: Jordan's Life With Autism , it will make you laugh and cry. Kiralea has chronicled not only Jordan's life but also her own which makes for a very interesting read.

Let them know that I sent you over and while you're there leave a comment and let them know that you were there.


KCsMom said...

Hi Lora,
Thank you Lora, you are a sweetheart! Have a great Happy Christmas:)

Tina and K.C.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Thanks Lora. We are all family and have much to offer. You are learning so much from Griffin that you share with us all. When Griffin is grown up like my son you will have even more to share.

Merry Christmas,