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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ten Random Things About Griffin

I was tagged by Peggy Lou Morgan to make a list of 10 random things about Griffin. So I am going to tag Christina, Jenn, Julie, Rebekah's mom & dad, Kristina, Sal, and Eileen, I know that I have left off several people so please feel free to make your own list.

1. Griffin's favorite food is pepperoni pizza and he only drinks soy milk, water, or apple juice
2. When Griffin gets an owie he calls it a "skeeter bite"
3. Every time that I am on the phone Griffin gets on top of the TV stand and jumps off and starts perseverating saying "Hi mommia" and demanding my undivided attention by moving my head to face him.
4. Griffin is halfway to being potty trained. (bm in potty always)
5. When mommy goes to take his picture he says, "say cheese" and smiles really big
6. Griffin actually repeated to the sales clerk "Happy new year" yesterday, of course he doesn't know what it means but it was a great interaction.
7. Griffin loves to play in the swimming pool and has no fear of getting his face in the water
8. Griffin knows how to work the TV, vcr, dvd player, and the remote. Oh yes, and the computer
9. Griffin is half Samoan, his father is from Western Samoa
10.Griffin can put his shoes and coat on all by himself


Kristina Chew said...

Go Griffin! Am sure you will have a lot to add to this list as 2006 proceeds.

Happy new year again!

Mr Ornery said...

I have the strange feeling Griffin is far ahead of me on the dvd player and the computer. Who knows how far he'll go in 2006? An amazing boy, but then his mom is pretty amazing too.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I love love love the skeeter bite!!! That's sooo cute! I bet he can program the time on the darn VCR too can't he??? Brilliant!!! :)

kyra said...

wow, what a list! go griffin! here's to a fanastic year for your household, much growth and progress and joy! happy new year!